Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1BR

Summary of text [comment] page 67

[Let me examine each word in the term “The One True Triune God”.

The term, “One”, refers to possibility. The realm of possibility is monadic. It is all inclusive. It allows contradictions. Omnipotence means “all potential”. There is only One God in the category of firstness.

The term, “True”, refers to actuality. A True God must exhibit the dyadic nature of the category of secondness. In this, a True God both constitutes and realizes the laws of noncontradiction. A True God should harbor no contradictions.

Finally, the term, “Triune”, refers to the triadic relation itself.

The term, “God”, refers to the object that brings all into relation. If we assume this object, all are brought into relation.

Relations are exclusive. There is only one relation, even though there may be many manifestations of this one relation.]