Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1BO

[Okay, continuing the thought.   Let me summarize God and the three categories of existence.

God Is God the One, omnipotent, total potential, the realm of firstness.

God Is Two Persons, the Father and the Son, in secondness. “God Recognizing Himself”, implies two Persons: “The One Who Recognizes” and “The One Who Is Recognized”.

One can also say, “The One Who Creates” and “The One Who God Creates Through”.

Notably, the Two will always differ based on perception.

Look at all the different names (actually, metaphors) for the Two: Father and the Son, Creator and Redeemer, Creator and Through, Speaker and Word, and so on. The “One Who Recognizes” and “The One Who Is Recognized” is one among many ways to perceive the actuality of God.]