Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7AX

[The last blog brings me to image of the list. Ink has been written on paper. I could say that the ink and the paper are omnipotent since any list could have been written. There are three names on the list: Holy Spirit (in the transcendence column) and Father & Son (in the immanence column). These correspond to the three persons in One God. The three persons cover thirdness and secondness. The three persons in the list cover two of the three categories of existence. They cover normal context and actuality.

What about possibility?

The One List is like the One God because it reminds us that “there is a list in the first place”. That list speaks of potential. A pen is poised above paper. Any list can be written.

Here is an image of the mystery of God. A pen is poised above paper. This image calls to mind what R.R. Reno says about Genesis: The Bible tells about the future.

The mystery of God is inclusive and allows contradictions.]