Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7Z

[Back to the message underlying the word “religion”.

Thinkdivine equals “think multiplied by all people, living and dead”.

Among all those people is God Himself.

Is that not weird?

Imagine every thinkgroup and thinkpro-object compiled. The compilation alone would be a revelation. It would be so huge. It would be filled with mindboggling immorality and stupidity. It would be unbelievable. It would be like a gigantic fantasyland on the other side of the sea.

In retrospect, could anything in this compilation be called “think” at all? Or would that be an injustice to the word “think”?

Now take an imaginary step back, and picture another compilation listing all the regrets associated with every thinkgroup and thinkpro-object. It would be less mind boggling, less insane, more believable. Also, it would be significantly larger than the first compilation. It would be like the ocean that one must sail to fantasyland.

If we keep going backwards, we step onto the solidity of thinkdivine.

Without thinkdivine, think is an ocean of regrets and a fantasyland of fixations.

Do you want proof?

Consider any historic emanation of the postreligionist (enlightenment) godhead.]