Thoughts on Original Sin by Tatha Wiley (2002) 7D

The social consequences of pre-2012 feminism were multifaceted.  The social consequences allowed some women to obtain powerful positions at prestigious universities.  At the same time, more (maybe 1,000,000 to 1) women lost their ability to “keep their man” and slid into a particular type of dependency.

In the USA, the central government has become the “provider” for millions of families headed by only a single woman.  The “social justice” of helping “a woman who lost her husband” has morphed into the “cosmic injustice” of millions of fatherless children.

But there is a plus:  As if dimly aware of their (now erased) need to exhibit fidelity, single women vote for their “man” (the Progressive “Democratic” Party) unfailingly.  And their “man” pays them back by giving them “slightly less than ‘what their husband might have provided’ but more than pittance” as well as grants to the few hundred feminist academics whose studies, by definition, always find that their sister’s plight is due to “sexism”.

Neither feminist academics nor single households headed by a woman can break out of the symbolic construction in which they are bound.  They do not even have the words to articulate what they all must know in their hearts.  In fact, their own words place “what they know in their hearts” under erasure.

Sounds like Original Sin to me.