Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7V

[Thinkgroup expresses itself in talk.

The more talk is one-sided, the more the thinkgroup sounds like a leviathan. In this regard, the potential of all forms of broadcast media cannot be underestimated.

America’s current nascent (2015) totalitarian state exploits the advantages of a new way of talking: television.

The totalitarian states of the 1930’s also benefitted from a new way of talking: radio.

With radio and television, a handful of individuals (or thinkgroup) can produce the impression of a mass movement. One news announcer can be very compelling. Televisionaries broadcast their points of view directly into your living space. They talk as if they are reporting to you. They selectively present images to you.

The greater the percentage of the population that watches broadcast media, the more convincing the Progressive elites sound.]