Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7T

Summary of text [comment] pages 49 and 50

[Solvable? Let me tell you about solvable problems.

Both thinkgroup and thinkdivine occupy the normal context slot of the vertical axis of the intersection modeling “the message underlying the word ‘religion'”.

How did I come up with these terms? At first, I thought of using “group think” and “God think”. But the qualifier was not part of the word.

So I ran them together like groupthink and Godthink.

No, that was not adequate.

Then, I happened to hear a lecture on Aristotle, where the word “powers” was used a lot. I already knew that “powers in math” described “the number of times a number was multiplied by itself”. So I associated the two concepts. Think became exponential.

The mathematical notation of exponentials inspired the words thinkgroup and thinkdivine.

How is that for a solution?]