Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7R

Summary of text [comment] pages 49 and 50

[“The transcendent Holy Spirit3” brings “the immanence of the Father and the Son2” into relation with “the Possibility of One Truth-filled God1“.

Where is “the Mystery of God” in this?

The normal context is the Holy Spirit, which is perceived as a person. After all, people are also mediators. So that makes sense. The Holy Spirit is relational. Every relation expresses three elements. God is triune.

Actuality is dyadic. It has two elements. One element “causes” the other, in the broadest sense of the term “cause”. Both Yahweh and Jesus are actual. They do not contradict. Therefore, God is truth-filled.

So there we have three people, but there is one element missing in the nested form.

Missing is “the mystery that God is possible”.]