Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.7P

Summary of text [comment] pages 49 and 50

[So we have two columns with the headers of transcendence and immanence.

Both Yahweh and Jesus go into the column of immanence.

So does everything in the Bible.

The Bible is a record, even if that witness is buried in forgetfulness and oral tradition. The Bible witnesses the Real.

So, what goes into the header of transcendence?

Go outside and look at the sky.

It is not in the sky.

Go outside and feel the earth.

It is not in the earth.

Feel the breeze touch your face.

It is in the wind.

The Holy Spirit goes into the column of transcendence.

How different is the Holy Spirit from Zeus?

The idea of the Holy Spirit allows us to divorce Greek philosophy from Greek mythology.

The schoolmen of the Latin Age began this divorce.]