Thoughts on Original Sin by Tatha Wiley (2002) 7A

In chapter 7, Wiley covered (pre-2012) feminist views of Original Sin.  Consider this conclusion, stated with two substitutions:

“XY theologians have used the doctrine of original sin to denigrate XX, blame them for evil, and prohibit them from full participation in the life of the church.  By deeming XX’s subordination a divine punishment, instead of exposing human bias, the doctrine reinforced a cultural ideology of XY superiority. … A XX reconstruction of the doctrine of original sin calls for an anthropology expunged of “XY over XX” hierarchy and privilege, a critical theory of history, and a social analysis of the dynamics of power and ideology.”

Does this sound intimidating?  Does this sound like a project that involves selective attention, selective intelligence, selective reason and selective affections?  Is anyone who disagrees automatically guilt of a variety of charges?

Or, are these questions false leads?