Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.6T2

[Here, we can pause and savor the artistry of embalming Hugo Chavez, I am the Change, and placing him in a glass coffin for all to worship.

Here is the counter example to God’s creation. The spontaneous orders of Venezuelan Society were reduced by a sovereigninfra Public Cult into perverts worshipping a plastic corpse in a glass coffin.

Preservation and poverty are the signs of a dying spontaneous order.

Consider the Inca civilization, which the Chavez Cult unwittingly imitates.

Their empire was structured as the domains of kings who had conquered territory.  Each conquered territory belonged to the conquering king (even though that king may have died).  Each royal generation expanded the empire’s territory in order to support its own court, while the earlier courts continued to rule their respective lands, with the embalmed king still on his throne.]