Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.4P4

[There are advantages for insisting that God and nature are exclusive, especially when Modern Progressives are on the side of “reason” and “scientific advance”, which are just other words for “scientific inquiry”.

Progressives grasp for sovereign power in order to institute their secular expertise, their “reason”, thus constituting their Public Cult for the Promulgation of Reason, under the Guidance of Nature, not God.

Their apparent opponents are derided as thinkanti-reason and consciencesuperstition.

Even scientists get the scapegoat label if they do not support the “reasonable” political causes, which are “scientific” only because “they rigorously exclude superstitions like Christianity”.

Once the Public Cult of Progressivism declares that “any thinkgroup that rigorously excludes superstitions like Christianity” is “based on reason”, the parody of science comes full circle.

Wicca priestesses and Sociology Professors are two thinkgroups that rigorously exclude superstitions like Christianity.  Both are, by definition, “scientific”.]