Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.4G8

[This leads to a question: Who pays the price of thinkgroup?

“Denial of lawessential” or “ignoring the consequences of the imposition an object relation” is symptomatic of thinkgroup.

Often, sovereign power is confused – confounded – with lawessential.  “The law” is defined as “the capricious actions of sovereign power”.

Most often, unintended consequences are attributed to the projected other.  I suspect that Rene Girard’s models of the scapegoat may be deduced from this arrangement.  Notably, Girard’s tradition does not develop the other side of the model, what I call “the golden calf”.

Scapegoating protects the golden calves only so long.  Eventually, all subjects become aware of the high costs of thinkpro-object.  They come to realize that thinkanti-object is merely a projection.  The guilty ones (scapegoats) do not really hold the religious ideology and moral attitudes attributed to them.

When people no longer believe, thinkpro-object must rely more and more on the brute force of sovereign power in order to maintain power.  Thinkpro-object stupidly clings to its organizational object.  They cannot let go.  In particular, they must suppress the appearance of individuals who critique their religion from the perspective of thinkdivine.

They must prevent the appearance of a thinkdivine that dares to put their sovereigninfra into context.]