Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.4C

Summary of text [comment] pages 21 & 22

Sins directly oppose the grace of God and stand against the theological virtues of hope and love.

Sins against the supernatural virtues take the form of an offense against religion or against other moral virtues.

[To me, the first sentence sounds like thinkgroup(sin(consciencelacking)) in an exclusive yet interpellating relation to thinkdivine(virtue as faith, hope & love(consciencefree)).

The second sentence sounds like thinkgroup splitting into “a thinkpro-object” and “a thinkanti-object that is projected onto others”.  This is the stance of an infrasovereign religion as it grasps sovereign power.  This is the stance of a sovereigninfra religion.

A sovereigninfra religion meets the description of “a sin against the supernatural virtues”.  It is an offense against the suprasovereign religion.  Only a suprasovereign religion offers thinkdivine and consciencefree.]