Looking at Carol Hill’s Article (2021) “Original Sin with Respect to Science” (Part 11 of 15)

0047 Carol Hill’s worldview approach encourages me to imagine the genres of Genesis 2:4-11 as fairy tales, then as a mix, and then as epics.

0048 The identification of genre is crucial since the historical processes that coincide with the stories in Genesis are both real and impossible to isolate from the Biblical text alone.

Something outside the scriptures is needed.  The scriptures tell the story from the inside.  Archaeology tells the story from the outside.

0049 With this lesson in mind, Hill returns to her struggle with the doctrine of original sin.


Looking at Carol Hill’s Article (2021) “Original Sin with Respect to Science” (Part 12 of 15)

0050 In the last sections of her article, Carol Hill wrestles with the issue that Saint Augustine’s doctrine is part theological and part scientific.

The incredible duality comes from Saint Paul, who compares Christ, as the one who is to come, and Adam, as the one who is fallen.  Paul makes two assertions.  One, Jesus literally descends from Adam.  Two, Adam’s sin entangles all humanity.

If Adam stands at the start of the history of the Jewish covenant, then that is one point.

If Adam stands at the start of the Ubaid of southern Mesopotamia, then that is a second point.

A scientific question arises concerning the Ubaid.  How does the Ubaid entangle all humanity?

0051 What does Paul say in his letter to the Romans?  

Paul connects Jesus to the salvation for all humanity.

This connection is theological and diagnostic.

Augustine of Hippo develops the connection.  He is honored for centuries for these developments.

0052 Today, Augustine’s theological propositions on the nature of original sin surpasses the current modern social sciences, which still reduce the human condition to manifestations of stimulus-response.  Augustine’s diagnosis is unparalleled.  Even if humans are animals behaving according to the dictates of stimulus-response, our current Lebenswelt is not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.  So, our evolved responses operate in a world that no longer reflects our um… evolution.

As for the current social sciences, if one reads two of E. Michael Jones’ books, Libido Dominandi and Degenerate Moderns, then one can see how the personal lives of the founders of various social sciences pay tribute to Augustine’s theological diagnosis of the human condition.  Their personal lives are testimonials to original sin.

0053 Today, Augustine’s scientific proposition on the nature of transmission of original sin has been thoroughly debunked by modern genetics.

But, that does not mean that today’s humanity is not entangled in original sin.

Rather, it means that we are faced with a very curious problem in human evolution.

Why is our current Lebenswelt not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in?


Looking at Carol Hill’s Article (2021) “Original Sin with Respect to Science” (Part 13 of 15)

0054 Carol Hill does not have an answer to the scientific question concerning the transmission of original sin from Adam and Eve to the rest of humanity.

However, she does have the intelligence to intimate that the problem is with science, rather than theology.

0055 Well, it is a problem with theology, in so far as many theologians cannot imagine that Augustine’s scientific proposition is now debunked.  All humanity is not literally descended from Adam and Eve.

0056 The new scientific question, posed by Augustine’s failed hypothesis, and transformed by Hill’s careful framing, asks, “How does the Ubaid of southern Mesopotamia potentiate our current Lebenswelt?”

0057 One answer is called, “the hypothesis of the first singularity”.

The first singularity?

The first singularity is a technical term for the fact that our current Lebenswelt is not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

0058 The Ubaid starts the first singularity.

How so?

The Ubaid of southern Mesopotamia is the first culture on Earth to practice speech-alone talk.  At the time that the Ubaid emerges, all contemporary cultures practice hand-speech talk.  Hand-speech talk is associated with the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

0059 Today, all civilizations practice speech-alone talk.  The last significant cultures practicing hand-speech talk, the Australian aborigines and the North American Plains Indians, have been mortally compromised by external civilizations.  The first singularity comes to a close in our own time.

0060 The hypothesis is plainly spelled out in the e-work, The First Singularity and Its Fairy Tale Trace.

The founding of the hypothesis is dramatically presented in the e-book, An Archaeology of the Fall.Both works are available at smashwords and other e-work venues.


Looking at Carol Hill’s Article (2021) “Original Sin with Respect to Science” (Part 14 of 15)

0061 The doctrine of original sin is inspired by Saint Augustine’s interpretation of Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  Adam is of the type who is fallen.  Jesus is of the type who is risen.  Jesus descends from Adam.  Adam connects to all humanity.  Through this, Jesus connects to all humanity.

0062 How does Adam connect to all humanity?

One answer is offered by the Genesis text.  God makes the earth-man and the rib-woman.  The rest is history.  But, is that the history of the Jewish covenant or the history of our current Lebenswelt?  Or both?

0063 Hill tries to resolve the confounding, saying, “Adam and Eve are the parents of those in the covenant line of Adam leading to Christ.”

Technically, she is correct.

However, she does not capitalize on the other idea, clearly articulated in her article, saying (more or less), “Adam and Eve associate to the Ubaid period of southern Mesopotamia.”

0064 She cannot capitalize on this idea, because she has not encountered the concept of the first singularity, nor wondered about its implications.

Consider Comments on Original Sin and Original Death: Romans 5:12-19, by Razie Mah, available at smashwords and other electronic book vendors.

If the Ubaid initiates our current Lebenswelt, and if the Ubaid breaks with the Lebenswelt that we evolved in, then there is a replacement to Augustine’s failed scientific proposal.

0065 Hill’s vignette about copper production, a highly specialized alchemic process, tells me that she senses that ‘something cultural’ comes out of the Ubaid of southern Mesopotamia and spreads to all the world.  Her intuition is already fulfilled.

0066 The Ubaid is the first Neolithic culture to practice speech-alone talk.  Speech-alone talk has dramatically different semiotic qualities than hand-speech talk, the way of talking practiced since the time that humans evolved.  The semiotic qualities of speech-alone talk favor unconstrained social complexity.  Unconstrained social complexity leads to greater wealth and power.  Labor specialization increases wealth.  Social specialization yields power.

No wonder every hand-speech talking culture in the world ends up dropping the hand-talk component of their hand-speech talk.  It is so easy to do.  Plus, the consequences are not readily apparent.  Over generations, labor specializes and society stratifies.  The world gets more and more complicated.  The old ways are derided.  Then, they are forgotten.  A village becomes a town.  A town becomes a city.  In the city, there are rumors of people who remember.  And what do they remember?  History begins with the start of civilization.

0067 Meanwhile, the people in unconstrained social complexity become more and more disoriented, until evil is in their hearts, continually.

Our spoken words mean whatever we want them to mean.  If our spoken words can lie for us, then why not live the lies?  Doesn’t that fit Augustine’s theology of original sin?

Yes, the transmission of our current Lebenswelt, from the Ubaid to the entire world, does not come from descent.  Rather, it comes from the fact that we all practice speech-alone talk.  Before the Ubaid, humans practice hand-speech talk.  Today, humans practice speech-alone talk.  The semiotic differences between hand-speech and speech-alone talk account for why civilization never forms before the Ubaid and why civilization is potentiated within the Ubaid.

0068 Perhaps, an expanded theology of original sin comes from the realization that Adam associates to the Ubaid and the Ubaid associates to the first singularity. Augustine’s theology is a good place to start.  I am fallen.  Concupiscence calls me.  I am tempted to project my own meanings, presences and messages into my speech-alone words.  My spoken words can lie for me.  I can accuse others, using made-up words, and so on.  The only way for me to get to my feet is to be baptized, in a sacrament, just like Jesus is baptized by John.  The water of baptism gives me the grace to be honest.


Looking at Carol Hill’s Article (2021) “Original Sin with Respect to Science” (Part 15 of 15)

0069 My thanks go to Carol Hill for her article.

My thanks go to Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith for publishing her essay.

0070 Perspectives is the flagship journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, a Christian association of scientists and those interested in science.  Their website is www.asa3.org.  Here is an association worth joining.

0071 When it comes to the doctrine of original sin, the science needs to change.  This change comes in the hypothesis of the first singularity.  The hypothesis addresses a question that modern evolutionary theory fails to utter and asks, “Why is our current Lebenswelt not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in?”

0072 The hypothesis of the first singularity is a portal to a new age of understanding.