About An Archaeology of the Fall

This horror story and academic treatise turns on the question: Why civilization?

The answer defines the first singularity, the contradiction of all that went before.

Our current Lebenswelt is not the Lebenswelt that we evolved in. The first singularity entails a simple alteration in the way humans talked. That little difference changes the ways that humans represent their world through language. Words are no longer referential (even though we may be convinced that they are). Instead, we project meaning, presence and message into words.

Everything that we evolved to be passes through this singularity. We forget who we were. We have to create who we are. We become civilized. But, what is "civilization"?

"Civilization" is what we say it is.

Of course, this is madness. So, look around you. What isn't madness? The first singularity left a fairy tale trace. Look in the Bible. The trace begins at Genesis 2:4.

Here is a portal to the Fourth Age of Understanding.

For a high-school or college course on this crucial transition in human evolution, see the page on empowerment.

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